I strive to create objects that illustrate a symbiotic relationship between man-made form and the natural world through the juxtaposition of organic and mechanical imagery. The images gain their power through turbulent dynamic juxtapositions created with contrasting media, texture, and form.

In the combination of metal, nature, and earth I am after the unimaginable; a metamorphosis of microbiology, science fiction, industrial technology, and raw nature. The forms I create are deeply rooted in autobiographical content developed to enhance a unique visual language. I am interested in exploring a narrative reflecting our relation to each other, gender, and the environment.

I lived in industrial cities during my formative years as an artist, and my training is rooted in rendering organic form through an urban prism. I have thrived on incorporating diverse working methods into artistic expression. Early influences were projects that involved modeling existing form, inspired by industrial decay, resulting in objects with ambiguous origins. Bronze casting, metal fabrication, hand modeling, and found objects are the foundations for my creative palette.  

I continue my focus on highlighting the human impact on the environment, of technology’s impact on humans, and investigating the mutation of organic and machinelike form. My work combines large ceramic pieces, metal, rope, and found and organic objects. Through the manipulation of form, my endeavor is to develop a sculptural dialogue exploring the mutual benefit and challenges to a prolonged association of forces at the opposite ends of a spectrum.